Chinese Exchange Students Visit the WAG

Next week a group of grade six students from the Yang Mythos school in Shenzhen, China, will be visiting Winnipeg, taking in the sights of the city, including art classes at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Their visit will culminate in an exhibition of the work of both these students and their hosts from Winnipeg school École St. Avila which will be held at the WAG on Sunday, July 17.

It all began last year when two representatives from the Yang Mythos school visited Winnipeg and met with Michael Boss, Head of the WAG’s Studio Programs. Boss was then invited to join a prearranged visit of a group of students and parents from École St. Avila to the Children’s Palace in China, an organization which provides children’s art instruction and connects children from China to children throughout the world to increase global peace and understanding. That visit is now being returned. As part of their visit, the Chinese students will visit the WAG, viewing the exhibitions and taking special art classes.

“This has been just a wonderful experience,” says Boss. “The warm reception we received in Shenzhen made us feel very special indeed. Several outings and events are planned to welcome our Chinese visitors and demonstrate our hospitality. This is a terrific opportunity to build and develop an international relationship and promote good will between our cities and countries, and the WAG is honoured to be a part of it.”



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