WAG Presents Film on the Work of Emily Carr

The Winds of Heaven, a film exploring the work of artist Emily Carr will be screened at the Winnipeg Art Gallery at 2pm, Sunday, December 5. Admission is $10 at the door.

Subtitled Emily Carr, Carvers, and the Spirits of the Forest, The Winds of Heaven's project was to make "a film journey into the deep brooding mystery and inner beauty of Emily Carr's paintings—a lyrical, luminescent, and entertaining impression of the life of Carr and her connection to the First Nations people of the Northwest Coast. Details of Carr's paintings are folded into haunting images of B.C.’s coastal landscapes, and fresh archival material. On a cinema screen, there is a spiritual intensity in the bright Fauvist extravagance emerging from the deep, dark, and often wet shadows.”

Incisive commentary by art historians Gerta Moray and Susan Crean, art critic Marcia Crosby, and museum curator Laurel Smith Wilson, represents in person the interweaving of aboriginal and Western sensibilities that the film dramatizes.

The film, directed by Michael Ostroff, was premiered at the Vancouver Film Festival to rave reviews and excited audience response. Robert Amos, Times Colonist, called it “Magic!...a visual feast…weaves a living, breathing evocation of Emily Carr from a basket of disparate elements…To create a film about art, about First Nations issues, ecology, and spiritualism, was a challenge. To tell afresh the story of someone we thought we knew well is even more difficult. Winds of Heaven in a success on all these many levels.”



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