Winnipeg Art Gallery Foundation

Incorporated in 1978, the Winnipeg Art Gallery Foundation is a separate, fully accredited foundation with its own board of trustees and governance. The Foundation's income is drawn from general gifts and donations, bequests, grants, transfers of property, planned giving, and other insurance gifts.

Over the years it has contributed almost $2 million to the Gallery to expand the permanent collection, sponsor exhibitions, and support capital projects. Contributions and support from the public are encouraged—leaving a charitable gift from one's estate provides a unique opportunity to support the Winnipeg Art Gallery while providing tax benefits to the donor or the estate.

2018-2019 Trustees

Richard L. Yaffe (Partner, MLT Aikins LLP)

Lila Goodspeed Everett

Chair, Finance Committee

Judy Murphy (President & CEO, Safety Services Manitoba)

Faye Warren

Chair, Audit Committee
Chair, Nominating Committee
Carol Stockwell (Associate Partner, Tax Services PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP)

Chair, Investment Committee
Michael F.B. Nesbitt (Chairman, Montrose Mortgage Corporation Ltd.)

Associates' Representatives

  • Esme Scarlett (Co-Chair Associates Committee)
  • Bill Glanville
  • Erica McLaughlin

Members at-Large

  • Tom Carson
  • Ken Cooper
  • Robert Darling
  • Marvin Tiller

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