Message from the Director & CEO

I’ve been thinking that myWAG should really be called yourWAG. Because without you, the WAG would not exist.

We assemble collections of art and work with artists, create exhibitions supported by programs and events, produce publications and learning tools, and build cultural and educational partners. But without the interaction with you and the community, our work has little value. It’s your participation with the art and the ideas that truly matters. It’s your voice that informs what we present, and your interests that help shape our programs.

Your membership and donations allow us to create programming you and your family can participate in, engage with, and learn from. Inside the pages of this publication are new and upcoming exhibitions, events, and updates that
you help make happen.

With your support, more than 25,000 children visit the Gallery every year so they can see and experience more through art. You are an integral part of the day-to-day life of the WAG, and we thank you for your past support and for
considering regular donations to the WAG. While the WAG works to continue to play a vital role in the community, engaging people of all ages and backgrounds, we are reimagining and rethinking our role as a museum in the 21st century. This includes the aspiration to understand and embrace reconciliation, Indigenous communities, and their art.

Curatorial and studio staff — including three Indigenous specialists — are revitalizing exhibitions and the WAG Studio and learning programs to make them more accessible, diverse, and relevant to wider audiences. From the Government of Nunavut to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, we continue to build partnerships across the country to better reflect multiple voices and perspectives.

We are proud to share with you Our Land: Contemporary Art from the Arctic, which features amazing works from the Government of Nunavut Fine Art Collections, currently on longterm loan to the WAG. The highly anticipated Boarder X demonstrates the intersection of land, culture, and art by contemporary Indigenous artists, paired alongside Vernon Ah Kee: cantchant, connecting surfboards and video to Australian Aboriginal territory. In conjunction with these exhibitions celebrating Indigenous art and culture, you will find many complementary events inviting you to engage further.

We’re also excited about The Man Who Made Time Stand Still: The Photographs of Harold Edgerton, which showcases the well-known, experimental images captured by the inventor of the modern strobe light. Starting with Rodin introduces work by the influential 19th-century French sculptor and other European and Canadian artists he inspired. And then there’s Picasso — so stay tuned! With such an irresistible mix of art and images, we look forward to seeing you at the Gallery again very soon!

Thank you for being part of the WAG family and for your patronage.

Stephen Borys, PhD, MBA
Director & CEO

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